What we do best



Logging, or commercial logging, involves cutting trees for sale as timber or pulp. The timber is used to build homes, furniture, etc and the pulp is used to make paper and paper products

Manufacturing Of Standard And Customized Furniture

The processes used in the manufacture of furniture include the cutting, bending, molding, laminating, and assembly and combination of wood and other materials.


Kiln drying is a standard practice in wood production mills and serves to efficiently bring green lumber moisture levels down to “workable” range–moisture content levels that will not end in the myriad of problems that can be caused by excess moisture levels in wood.

Wholesale and Retail of General Merchandise

We wholesale and retail all products used by the public for everyday general use.

Granite Installation And Fabrication

The process of using granite in your projects starts with large chunks of stone. Once these large chunks are mined, they are cut into blocks. The blocks are then sliced into slabs using specialized saws.

Our products include various bullnose profile finishes such as OG, concave, half round, full round, square and beveled edges